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CERTIFIED REFURBISHED PRODUCT: All Sense-U Certified Refurbished products from Sense-U come with 1) Rigorous 15-point inspection process to ensure a top quality Sense-U product 2) 14-Day Return Policy 3) 6-Month Limited Warranty.

    30-Night Risk Free

    Try risk-free for 30 nights and return for a full refund if not satisfied

    HSA/FSA Approved

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    Pay at your own pace, for as low as $18/month

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    Be the First to Know When Your Child May Need You

    The Sense-U Video+Breathing Baby Monitor 3 is the most complete baby monitor system that tracks your child's breathing movement, sleep position, and feeling temperature, while streaming HD video, anytime, anywhere. It sends you real-time notifications for real peace of mind and better sleep.

    Get Notified for Slow Abdominal Movement

    The Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 tracks your child's breathing movement during sleep, and notifies you of slow abdominal movement, anytime, anywhere.

    Get Notified when Your Child Sleeps on Their Stomach

    The Sense-U Baby Monitor 3 tracks your child's sleeping position, and notifies you when your child rolls over to sleep on their stomach.

    Protect Your Baby from Being Too Hot

    The Sense-U Baby Monitor 3 tracks your child's feeling temperature around body, and notifies you when the temperature levels go outside of the preset temperature zone.

    Safe Technology

    The Sense-U Baby Monitor 3 uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BT4.0+) technology which has neglectable radiation level (1/1000th of a smartphone's) and a communication distance up to 50 feet (15 meters) to the Base Station.

    See Hear & Talk to your Baby Anytime, Anywhere

    • Know Your Child's Sleep from Anywhere

    • Light & Sound Notifications with Twins Supported

    • Wearing Instructions

    The Sense-U Base Station extends the communication distance and allows you to know your baby is okay from anywhere. As long as your phone has access to the Internet, you can check your child's real-time data on your smartphone anywhere, anytime.

    When something happens to your baby, the Base Station will notify you instantly with lights and sounds, even without Internet connection, and you will receive audible notifications on your smartphone no matter where you are. In the meantime, twins and multiples are supported to connect to one Sense-U account via the Base Station.

    The right way to wear the Baby Monitor is essential for accurate monitoring. Align the baby icon on the device in the same direction as your child's body, with the temperature hole towards the air. Then, attach the Sense-U Baby Monitor to your child's waist, right next to belly button.

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    Best Baby Purchase !

    - Betty Underwood, U.S

    Great product for piece of mind!

    - Eric Ngan, U.S


    - Mary Beth, U.S

    Peace of Mind is Priceless!

    - Tyler, U.S

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