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Outdoor Cam 2

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The Sense-U Outdoor Wire-free Camera 2 features 1080P HD Video, Rechargeable Battery, Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Talk, Waterproof, Optional Solar Panel, FSA&HSA Eligible, and more,  which protect your child, family by having a secure record of everything that happens around your home.

    Introducing the All-New Outdoor Wire-free Cam 2

    • Smart Detection

    The all-new Sense-U Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2 provides peace of mind by recording all activities around the home, ensuring the safety of your child and family. It can be used as part of a complete baby monitoring system with other Sense-U devices.

    • High-resolution Image Capture

    The Sense-U Outdoor Wireless Camera captures high-quality 1080P images, allowing users to zoom in on suspicious activity and identify potential threats. This feature is especially important for outdoor cameras, ensuring clear imaging in any lighting or weather conditions. Reliable and detailed imaging is an essential feature for improved security and surveillance, making the Sense-U camera a valuable tool.

    • Detect Person Function for Human Recognition

    The detect person function identifies humans in an outdoor camera's view, minimizing false alerts by using advanced algorithms. Upon detection, the camera sends alerts to the user's connected device, providing a clear image and footage. This function improves security and allows quick response to threats or visitor monitoring. Reliable and accurate, this function provides users with confidence and peace of mind regarding their security measures.

    • PIR Motion Detection with Instant Mobile Alerts

    The PIR Motion Detection with Instant Mobile Alerts function utilizes Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion and sends alerts to the user's mobile device. It minimizes false alarms by detecting heat signatures of living beings and users can adjust sensitivity to receive alerts in low light conditions. This function allows quick response to security risks and monitoring of property, making it essential for outdoor cameras.

    • Two-way Audio Communication

    The Sense-U outdoor cameras with Two-way Audio Communication enables users to interact with visitors or intruders and uses the camera's audio capabilities to deter potential threats. It also allows remote communication with family members or pets through the free Sense-U app.

    • Customized Alarm Zone

    The alarm zone function in outdoor cameras allows you to create designated areas that trigger an alarm when motion is detected. This feature reduces false alarms, while letting users focus on important area. Zone can be set up via the Sense-U app or live view screen, with size and shape adjustable to fit specific needs. The camera alerts users' connected devices when motion is detected in the designated zone, enabling quick response and monitoring of specific areas. This function maximizes the effectiveness of outdoor cameras and enhances users' awareness of potential security risks.

    • Night Vision

    • Multiple Cameras & Family Sharing

    • Optional Solar Panel (Sold Separately)

    The Sense-U Outdoor Wireless Camera uses infrared technology to capture high-quality images in low-light conditions, providing reliable surveillance around the clock. It allows monitoring even at night or in low-light areas, ensuring all activity is captured and visible. Overall, it enhances security and provides peace of mind to users.

    The Sense-U app supports multiple views / cameras in one Sense-U account. In the meanwhile, you can share your cameras with friends and family members at your finger.

    The optional Sense-U Solar Panel allows the Sense-U Outdoor Camera with access to direct sunlight to work continuously without worrying about charging the battery.

    What our Parents are Saying

    Best Baby Purchase !

    - Betty Underwood, U.S

    Great product for piece of mind!

    - Eric Ngan, U.S


    - Mary Beth, U.S

    Peace of Mind is Priceless!

    - Tyler, U.S

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Robert Schubert

    Bought 2 with solar panels. One works fine but the other doesn't connect to the app after it's installed and setup. Once i switch cameras or view all cameras this one camera will not connect. Very disappointed. Instructions are useless with little information.

    Great camera hsa approved

    Great camera good video and audio plus features.

    Jesus E.
    Works very well, easy to set up

    Set up in a matter of about 5 minutes. Product works as intended

    Great camera hsa approved

    Great camera good video and audio plus features.

    Carlos Jaimes
    Wireless camera with battery and amazing picture.

    The camera is larger than I expected however it does have a lot of features that explain the size. First feature that really stood out for me was the complete access of wireless capabilities. The camera has; WIFI, battery back-up, HD picture, voice listening/speaking capabilities, night vision, also available for separate purchase, a solar panel to keep it charged. It works flawlessly, so far. SD slot to keep your recordings and has a lot of APP features. Simple instructions to start, download app, turn camera on, and complete the setup. The price sounded expensive so wait for a deal, I saved 40+% with Amazon deal of the day. Totally worth every penny, plus HSA/FSA approved. Give it a shot, I’m buying another, if you don’t like it send it back, get yer full refund and I’ll scoop up the savings with Amazon used section :p Definitely worth a try.

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