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Sense-U® Bundle (Video+Baby 3)

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  • The Sense-U Bundle of the Smart Baby Monitor 3 and HD Video Cam tracks your baby's abdominal movement, feeling temperature, and sleep position, while streaming HD video, anytime, anywhere.

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    Be the First to Know When Your Child May Need You

    The Sense-U Bundle is the most complete baby monitor system that tracks your child's abdominal movement, sleep position, and feeling temperature, while streaming HD video, anytime, anywhere. It sends real-time notifications for real peace of mind.

    Get Notified for Slow Abdominal Movement

    The Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor 3 tracks your child's abdominal movement, as a sleep quality indicator, and notifies you of slow abdominal movement, anytime, anywhere.

    Get Notified when Your Child Sleeps on Their Stomach

    The Sense-U Baby Monitor 3 tracks your child's sleeping position, as a sleep quality indicator, and notifies you when your child rolls over to sleep on their stomach.

    Protect Your Child from Feeling Too Hot or Cold

    The Sense-U Baby Monitor tracks your child's feeling temperature, as a sleep quality indicator, and notifies you when the temperature levels around the child's body go outside of the preset temperature zone.

    Safe Technology

    The Sense-U Baby Monitor 3 uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BT4.0+) technology which has neglectable radiation level (1/1000th of a smartphone's) and a communication distance up to 50 feet (15 meters) to the Base Station.

    See Hear & Talk to your Baby Anytime, Anywhere

    • Know Your Child's Sleep from Anywhere

    • Light & Sound Notifications with Twins Supported

    • Wearing Instructions

    The Sense-U Base Station extends the communication distance and allows you to know your child is okay from anywhere. As long as your phone has access to the Internet, you can check your childs realtime data on your smartphone anywhere, anytime.
    When something happens to your child, the Base Station will notify you instantly with lights and sounds, even without Internet connection, and you will receive audible notifications on your smartphone no matter where you are. In the meantime, twins and multiples are supported via the Base Station.

    The right way to wear the Baby Monitor is essential for accurate monitoring. Align the baby icon on the device in the same direction as your child's body, with the temperature hole towards the air. Then, attach the Sense-U Baby Monitor to your child's waist, right next to belly button.

    App at a Glance

    What our Parents are Saying

    Best Baby Purchase !

    - Betty Underwood, U.S

    Great product for piece of mind!

    - Eric Ngan, U.S


    - Mary Beth, U.S

    Peace of Mind is Priceless!

    - Tyler, U.S

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 117 reviews
    Lukasz Mocek
    Great quality product

    Now we can sleep better...
    We recently bought U Sense bundle with a camera and baby monitor for better protection of our precious baby. We are pleased with this device. The baby movement monitor is small enough and fits well. We are impressed with the night vision of the camera, and how good and clear the view is. The delivery was very fast and the customer service team answered all our questions very promptly prior to the shipping of the goods. Highly recommended.

    Cheyenne Scarver
    Peace of mind

    A lot of things have given me anxiety as a first time mom. After shearing for different baby monitors, this one helped put a lot of those worries at ease. The temperature in the room is always monitored, the babies temperature is always monitored, it tells me if everything is ok with her breathing and position. The camera has better quality than my phone’s quality and will let you know when movements and sounds are detected.

    Garrett brevik
    Great baby monitor

    We really like this baby monitor. It has a really good camera compared to our other monitor. It’s nice that it links to your phone and you could watch baby from anywhere. The actual baby monitor is nice as well. It provides the movements and feeling temperature which really puts us at ease while sleeping. The only issue we have come across is the WiFi could be a little bit difficult, but that just depends on where you place the hub, and where the modem is. It requires 2.4HZ. All in all we would recommend this to other parents.

    Michael J Fava
    Quick and Easy

    For our newborn this monitor was quick and easy to set up, but lacks range of motion. Wish we could charge it so that it could be moved from room to room, the chord is limiting. Overall thought super helpful, overkill information, but is exciting that the entire family can log in and watch the baby whenever they want and take videos and pics without having to go in the nursery. Pretty cool tool, would love to check out the outdoors one or a motion sensor one that moves around.

    stew pendis
    Fantastic camera with local storage

    The camera is great! The image quality is good, the night vision works well, there is a much shorter delay than our other baby monitor camera, my voice comes through clearly when I speak through the app into the camera, and files are stored locally. No ridiculous subscription fee! Definitely recommend.