FAQs | Sense-U Baby Breathing & Rollover Movement Monitor

Sense-U Baby Monitor

1. Does Sense-U guarantee the safety of my baby?

No. The Sense-U Baby Monitor is not a medical device so it is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate or prevent any disease or health condition or investigate, replace or modify any physiological process. You are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your baby and following safe sleep, health, and care guidelines.

2. What age is the Sense-U Baby Monitor for?

It depends on the alarms you need. The breathing alarm and temperature alarm work for all babies that need to monitor their breathing and temperature during sleep. The rollover alarm is designed for babies up to 6 months, or before your baby can roll over by themselves.

3. Is Wifi required to use the Sense-U Baby Monitor?

The Sense-U Baby Monitor and your smartdevice connect via Bluetooth Low Energy, which has neglectable radiation level. Wifi is only needed when you register your device and log in the app for the first time before you use the device.

4. Is there a warranty on the Sense-U Baby Monitor?

Yes, we offer 30-day Money Back Guarantee and 1-year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Two common issues we have seen that are not covered under warranty are devices damaged by pets or getting accidentally put through a washing machine.

5. How long does the battery last?

The Sense-U Baby Monitor uses CR2032 coin battery and the battery life varies from 1 to 2 months, depending on usage and other settings. By tapping the On/Off button in the app, the battery indicator light will flash GREEN when the battery level is ok and flash RED when the battery level is lower than 20%.

6. What is Sense-U's disclaimer?

Movement from external sources such as being pushed in a bassinet or travelling in a vehicle may be detected by Sense-U Baby Monitor. Sense-U Baby should not be relied upon where external sources of movement are present.This is not a medical device and is not intended for use as a medical device or to replace a medical device. The Sense-U Baby Monitor is only intended to assist you in tracking your baby’s wellbeing and is not intended to replace you as a caregiver. You are ultimately responsible for your baby. This device is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or health condition, including, but not limited to, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

7. Where to wear your Sense-U Baby Monitor?

Snap the Sense-U baby monitor into the ring of the clip accessory, then attach the clip accessory onto diaper to the full extent of the clip. Make sure the Sense-U baby monitor is close to baby’s tummy around the belly button area, and the baby silkscreen is in the same direction as baby's body position to avoid false breathing alarms and wrong sleeping position readings.

*For the Sense-U Baby monitors with the new clip design, avoid sandwiching clothing or other material between the clip accessory and the sensor device. It may break the accessory and introduce false alarms at your own risk.

8. Where to download the Sense-U Baby app?

The Sense-U Baby Monitor needs to work with the Sense-U Baby app on Apple iOS and Android devices supporting BT4.0 and up. The Sense-U app is available on Apple Store and Google Play.
For Android, you can also download the app by clicking the link below: https://goo.gl/vAALyS .

9. What does double-shaking mean during pairing?

Shake the device twice. It initiates Bluetooth pairing and you should be able to see light flashing from the device.

10. My device does not flash when I double shake it.

Replace a new CR2032 coin battery using the blue plastic pry bar in the package.

* If no light comes out, make sure the battery compartment springs touch the +/- of the battery properly.

11.The device still doesn't pair with my smartphone.

Bluetooth of your smart device needs to turn on to connect.

* For Android phones, please make sure Location is enabled for the Sense-U App in Settings->Connections->Location and Settings->Apps->Sense-U Baby->Permissions. Or else it may not be able to pair with the device.

12. There is no breathing reading in the app.

In default, breathing alarm is turned off for power saving purpose. Switch it on from App->Setup->Manage Alerts->Breathing Alert and the breathing reading will show up in several minutes. Restart your smart device and reopen the Sense-U app if it still doesn't show up.

13.The device goes off while my baby is breathing fine.

Make sure the device is clipped on snug fit clothing. Meanwhile, you can adjust Activation Period in App->Setup->Manage Alerts->Breathing Alert for different breathing patterns.

14. There is no audible alarms when alarm goes off.

For audible alarms, notifications need to switch on for the Sense-U app in Settings->Notifications->Sense-U Baby. For iOS device, make sure your smartphone is not in Do Not Disturb mode.

15. The Sense-U app stops working when it runs in the background.

The Sense-U app works fine in the background as long as there is no RAM-consuming app running in foreground (e.g video, game, etc). You can keep the Sense-U app running in foreground before locking the screen and going to sleep. It provides the best connection performance, yet higher power consumption may be expected.

* For Android phones, pls enable the Sense-U app to appear on top by tapping your phone’s Settings->Apps->Sense-U Baby->Apps that can appear on top.