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Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2

Sense-U Baby Monitor 2

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  • TRACK YOUR BABY'S VITALS FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: The Sense-U Baby Monitor 2 connects to a base station that notifies you with lights and sounds when something happens to your baby, while you can still check your baby's vitals on your smartphone anytime, anywhere, as long as your phone can connect to the internet. The baby device can easily clip onto baby's diaper/sleepwear and communicates with the base station using Bluetooth Low Energy(BT4.0 and up) technology which has almost ZERO radiation level and an open-air distance up to 50 feet(15 meters).  
  • KNOW YOUR BABY'S BREATHING IS OKAY: Monitors your baby's breathing while they sleep, and notifies you with lights and sounds when it detects something not right. 
  • NOTIFY YOU FOR STOMACH SLEEPING: Monitors your baby's sleeping position and notifies you when your baby rolls over onto their stomach.
  • PROTECT YOUR BABY FROM OVERHEATING & GETTING COLD: Monitors your baby's body temperature with built-in thermometer, and notifies you when the levels go outside of preset zones.
  • OUR PROMISE: Love it or return within 30 days for a full refund, making it a great gift for baby registries and showers or as a gift to new parents. Free Sense-U Baby(New) app is available in Apple Store and Google Play Store. 
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Sense-U Baby Monitor needs to work with the Sense-U Baby app on Apple iOS and Android devices supporting BT4.0 and up.  * 2.4G Private WiFi is required. * Public WiFi networks requiring credential login on a web portal like the ones at airport are not supported. 

Customer Reviews

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Erin A
Worth it

First time mom, two months in, I think this product is WORTH BUYING. So at first I had a few snags with this. The sensor does seem to go off a bit too much unnecessarily until you figure out placement but once you do it is solid comfort and peace of mind.

Robert Rogers
very happy with my purchase

It's a good product, but it has a slightly quirky impression. Below, I tried various things and found out.
* Base station ⇒ BS

With BS
The sensor and BS (and smartphone) are connected via Wi-Fi. You cannot connect via Bluetooth.
If Wi-Fi reaches the sensor and BS, it will work normally even if the smartphone is far away (smartphone can be used for mobile data communication or another Wi-Fi).
[Advantage] For example, when having her husband baby-sit at home, the wife can check the baby's body movements and temperature on the smartphone while away from home. Of course, if something happens, the base station will make a warning sound, so there is no problem on the side at home. Furthermore, if you share the same account with your wife and husband's smartphone, you can use the app with each other (when one is logged in, the other is automatically logged out). In addition, the BS has a built-in thermo-hygrometer, which can be viewed with the app.
[Disadvantage] When going out with a baby, Wi-Fi does not reach the sensor, so it is not possible to check body temperature etc. with a smartphone. Not suitable for people who want to use it even at their parents' home.

Without BS
The sensor and smartphone are connected via Bluetooth. You cannot connect via Wi-Fi.
If the distance between the smartphone and the sensor is short (Bluetooth can reach), it works normally.
[Advantage] The smartphone does not need to be connected to the Internet via specific Wi-Fi or mobile data communication. Therefore, as long as the smartphone and the sensor are connected via Bluetooth, you can check the body temperature etc. even when you go out with your baby. For example, when I go to my parents' house, the sensor works just like at home. Also, probably because of the Bluetooth connection, the response to on / off in the app is better than when connecting to Wi-Fi.
[Disadvantage] If there is a wall between the sensor and the smartphone, it may not work even if it is only about 5m away. Also, since the app can only be used on smartphones with Bluetooth settings, it is not possible to share app accounts with multiple smartphones. However, for example, it is possible to share the smartphone itself by dedicating the smartphone after the model change that is no longer needed for monitoring.

In short ...
If you want to use the sensor only at home, check the state of the baby at home from outside, or manage the application with multiple people, BS is better. If you want to use the sensor not only at home but also when you go out with with your baby, or if you want to manage apps with one smartphone, it is better to have no BS.
Also, if you want to check the state of the baby in a separate room a little away, it is more advantageous to have a BS and Wi-Fi connection. If you don't receive Wi-Fi, you can deal with it by buying a high-end router model or a repeater. On the other hand, if you use it only in the same room, the response of the application is better if you connect via Bluetooth without BS.
If you don't know which one is better, but you can afford it a little, it's safe to buy it with BS (you have the option of having BS but not using it).

About the sensor
Since the body movement is detected by the movement of the abdomen during breathing, it is difficult to detect the body movement when lying on the stomach. When sleeping on a highly cushioned mattress with a thickness of 10 cm or more, body movement is easily detected even when lying face down. Unnecessary alerts can be stressful for both the baby and the parent, so when attaching a sensor to a baby who likes prone sleeping, you need to choose the right mattress.
Also, it is an interesting idea to be able to continuously monitor not only body movement but also body temperature. However, because of the skin temperature of the abdomen, it tends to be lower than measured by the side. Considering that point, it is a very convenient function.

Mike Treacy
Amazing peace of mind

Or 3 week old baby fell very sick with Group B strep minigitus and was fighting for his life for for weeks once we got him out of icu and eventually home we found ourselves accustomed to the monitors which showed us his breathing and temperature, this little genius device had given us this peace of mind now wrk have him home at 8 weeks old, while still on medication but finishing in the next to weeks we where told he has brain damage so there is work with him but this helps us enjoy every moment with him while he grows stronger. Thank you

Sehr zufrieden

Ich bin sehr ängstlich. Ich habe vor 15 Tagen entbunden und möchte ohne Angst schlafen und habe was zur Überwachung gesucht :)
Eine Matte kam wegen dem Beistellbett nicht in frage . Wir haben uns für den Sense-U entschieden und seit dem schlafe ich besser und es gab noch keinen Fehl Alarm und es funktioniert gut :)

Krissa Lynch
Great for peace of mind

Color: GreenVerified Purchase
Great for new parents. I compared other products and liked the concept of this one better than the competitors, it really has been nice to see the green light and know everything is OK! Helps me spend more time sleeping and less time watching to ensure he's breathing 😅

Just be warned this alarm is LOUD and it's very hard to remember to turn it off before diaper changes. Nothing like a good old fashioned alarm in the middle of the night

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