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Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2
Sense-U Baby Monitor 2

Sense-U Baby Monitor 2

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  • TRACK YOUR BABY'S VITALS FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: The Sense-U Baby Monitor 2 connects to a base station that notifies you with light and sound when something happens to your baby, while you can check your baby's vitals on your smartphone from anywhere, anytime as long as your phone can connect to the internet. The device communicates with the base station using Bluetooth Low Energy(BT4.0 and up) technology which has almost ZERO radiation level and an open-air distance up to 50 feet(15 meters). 
  • KNOW YOUR BABY'S BREATHING IS OKAY: Monitors your baby's breathing while they sleep, and notifies you with lights and sounds when it detects something not right.
  • NOTIFY YOU FOR STOMACH SLEEPING: Monitors your baby's sleeping position and notifies you when your baby rolls over onto their stomach.
  • PROTECT YOUR BABY FROM OVERHEATING & GETTING COLD: Monitors your baby's body temperature with built-in thermometer, and notifies you when the levels go outside of preset zones.
  • OUR PROMISE: Love it or return within 30 days for a full refund, making it a great gift for baby registries and showers or as a gift to new parents. Free Sense-U Baby(New) app is available in Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
I want to love this and can't

I like the idea and cost of this product. But the app is horrible that goes along with it. It takes over a minute to update the screen and the notification dont push through to the phone ( I made sure all background notifications were turned on ) So you won't hear the alert go off unless you have the base. The base seems to work well. I'm not sure if the clip sensor really works ill go through a whole diaper chang with out any notification of rollover or slow breathing and the alert should be going off in 15sec. One other thing is the clip is so tight it is so hard to get it on. We use cloth diapers and the clip broke in less than month of having it and only using it 50% of the nights. There is still alot of improvement needed.

Does the job, but some improvements would be nice

We ordered the Sense-U sensor with a base station for our newborn daughter. The sensor does the job and alerts when the ambient temperature drops or when she is on her stomach, which gives us peace of mind at night. The base station makes the sensor accessible through our smart phones throughout our entire house (3000 sqf). We would suggest several improvements to the product though:

1. Add the on/off button on the sensor itself. Turning the sensor on or off requires using the phone and quite often we don't have it handy when changing our daughter's diaper/clothes. Sometimes the phone cannot connect to the sensor after the sensor is switched off using it.

2. Add support for multiple phones using the same sensor. As of now, when my wife logs into the account, I am being logged out of it on my phone and need to log-in again, and vice versa.

Great Customer Service

This item is simple, straightforward, and effective when it works properly. I had some issues with this device that customer service worked very hard to try to correct. I look forward to seeing this company grow and better its products. I would purchase again from them in the future, if need be, based off the quality and promptness of their support team! The product itself is well made and easy to navigate as well.

Piece of mind, better sleep for us

We purchased this to monitor our baby breathing. We love the feature rich app and the base station makes it a perfect combo. I wish the clip was easier to put on the diaper and remove and the batteries that came with the unit quickly died within days. Looking forward to continue using the sense -u


After having a baby in NICU this allowed mommy to get some much needed sleep once we were home :)

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