FAQs-Pairing | Sense-U WiFi Devices

3 Steps to troubleshoot pairing issue:


1. Make sure the selected WiFi network is 2.4G private WiFi network, and is not a public WiFi network requiring credential login on a web portal like the ones at airport. 

2. Verify the entered WiFi password is right. 

    3. Move your Sense-U device close to your WiFi router and make sure you are able to connect to internet.

    4. For WiFi 6 router with single SSID, make sure to unselect "Smart Connect" from your router's web interface or app, and then choose the 2G SSID to pair:


    (TP-Link Tether App)

    Tips: Where to find "Smart Connect" for typical routers:

    * If still no luck, refer to the latest User Manual here: Sense-U App->Setup->Help->User Manual.