Month 2 Baby Tips 🍼👶

Month 2 Baby Tips 🍼👶

Hey there, awesome parents! Time flies, huh? Welcome to Month 2 of your baby's exciting journey! Here's what you can expect:

😴 Sleep:

Babies might start sleeping longer stretches at night, but still expect some late-night feedings. Keep using your Sense-U Baby Monitor for peace of mind while your little one snoozes. 🌙

🍼 Feeding:

Feedings may decrease slightly to 6-8 times a day as your baby's stomach grows. Don't worry if their appetite changes a bit; it's normal. 😊

🌟 New skill:

Smile alert! Get ready for that heart-melting, first genuine smiles from your baby. They'll also begin to make cute cooing sounds. 😍

👀 Milestones:

Your baby's vision is improving! They'll be able to focus better and might even start recognizing your face. Oh, the joy of being a parent! ❤️

⚠️ Risk alert:

Continue to watch for any signs of trouble, like poor weight gain, fever, or lethargy. Always trust your instincts and consult your pediatrician if needed. 🚑

🤗 Parent support:

As you settle into your new routine, remember it's okay to ask for help and take time for yourself. Keep using your Sense-U Baby Monitor to check on your baby while you relax or catch up on chores. You've got this! 💪



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