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  • SEHEN SIE DIE VITALE IHRES BABYS VON ÜBERALL: Die Sense-U-Basisstation arbeitet mit den Sense-U-Babyphone zusammen und ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Vitalwerte Ihres Babys von überall aus zu sehen!
  • Benachrichtigen Sie Sie mit Lichtern und Geräuschen: Warnt Sie mit Lichtern und Geräuschen, wenn Ihrem Baby etwas passiert.
  • KOMPATIBILITÄT: Kompatibel mit allen Versionen 2020 der Sense-U-Babyphone (Version 3.5 und höher) und Version 2019 (Version 3.4 und höher, veröffentlicht im März 2019). Die Basisstation funktioniert nur mit 2,4-GHz-WLAN-Netzwerken, und 5G-WLAN-Netzwerke werden nicht unterstützt.
  • 30-TÄGIGE RISIKOFREIE GARANTIE: Ich liebe es oder kehre innerhalb von 30 Tagen zurück, um eine vollständige Rückerstattung zu erhalten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Peaceful sleep

My son was more prematurely and was in the NICU for a little over 2 months after birth. After having him hooked to monitors 24/7 to bringing him home and no longer having that sense of security, this brings me peaceful sleep. I can finally sleep knowing my son is okay. It also helps with the range in our home, so I can be anywhere in the house, and still know how he is doing. It also helps when mama needs a nap and dad takes over. Love this

Good Product!

We really like the sense U monitor much better now that we have the base station. Loses connectivity at times to the baby monitor and it beeps until the device comes back. But other than that we really like the product Gives us a peace of mind at night. It’s worth the buy!

Best Thing Ever!

I was so excited to see this base plate come out! My only complaint about the sense-U was how close your phone had to be the sensor for it to work. Now I can be ANYWHERE and check on baby’s info!
So far it is working great and I definitely recommend adding this to your sense-u

Great addition to an already great product

We had purchased the sense-u baby monitor clip for our new baby. I was drawn to the product by the roll over alerts as well as the temperature monitoring. After using the device, we loved how comfortable it made us each night, but we had connection issues. After getting this WiFi based base station, we have had little to no issues staying connected through the night. The base station needs to be in the room with the baby, but the alarm is loud enough to be heard through a monitor. It is easy to connect and reconnect to different WiFi networks if traveling, but I did have an issue while in a hotel. The only downfall with this product is that the lights are bright and tend to disprupt the sleep of my little one, but they are nice for parents as they are color coded with what is happening with the baby.

Added reliability and peace of mind

Having the base station gives me that extra peace of mind that my Sense-U monitor is working as it is supposed to without having to check the app constantly. It has been reliable and given me some extra rest!

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