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FAQs-Connection | Sense-U Baby 2

Steps to resolve baby’s connection issue:

1. If base station's indicator shows solid YELLOW dot, it means the baby device is disconnected.

  • Check baby device's battery level by double shaking the device to see if the indicator lights up, or by tapping Sense-U App->Setup->Manage Devices->Baby Monitor->Three Dot. Replace with a new CR2032 battery if necessary.
  • Move baby device closer to base station and it should be able to reconnect automatically.

2. If base station's indicator shows flashing GREEN circle, it means the baby device is  already connected to the base station. Refresh the app by tapping the ON/OFF button in the app, or by switching the app between foreground and background modes to reconnect.

3. If base station's indicator shows flashing RED dot, it means the base station does not connect to your WiFi router. Move the base station closer to the WiFi router.

4. If base station does not light up and it is not in Night Mode, unplug its power cable to reconnect.





* If still no luck, refer to the latest User Manual here

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