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Complete (Video+Baby 3+Nursery)

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Know when your baby may need you with our most complete baby monitoring system yet.  The Sense-U Complete Baby Monitor System allows you to know your baby is okay while streaming HD video and knowing the nursery room is safe anytime, anywhere.

It sends lights and sounds notifications when something may happen to your child, e.g., slow abdominal movement, sleeping on stomach, overheating, detected motion / sound / smoke / opened window / door, etc. 

With this invaluable information, it provides parents ultimate peace of mind and better sleep than traditional video cameras, or other smart monitors without realtime notifications.

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    • Tracks Child's Sleep while Streaming HD Video & Knowing Nursery Is Safe Anytime, Anywhere.

    The Sense-U Complete Baby Monitor System tracks your child's sleep while streaming HD video and knowing the nursery room is safe anytime, anywhere, with real-time notifications for real peace of mind and the best sleep.

    • Know Your Child's Sleep from Anywhere

    Unlike a baby camera, the all-new Sense-U Baby Monitor 3 tracks your child's abdominal movement, sleep position and feeling temperature, as sleep quality indicators, and allows you to intervene when something happens to your child, e.g slow abdominal movement, sleeping on stomach, feeling too hot or cold, etc.

    • See, Hear and Talk to Your Child, Anytime, Anywhere

    The Sense-U Video camera features 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way talk, background audio and secure WiFi which allow you to see, hear and talk to your child securely from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. It also notifies you when motions or sounds are detected.

    • More than A Baby Monitor

    Comparing to other smart monitors / wraps, the Sense-U Baby 3 tracks your child's abdominal movement, sleep position, feeling temperature, with real-time notifications, anytime, anywhere.

    • Light & Sound notify with Multiples Supported

    When something happens to your child, the Sense-U Base Station will notify you instantly with lights & sounds at home, and audible notifications on your smartphone when you are away. Meanwhile, it supports twins and multiples via the Base Station.

    • Make A Safe & Smart Nursery Room

    The Sense-U Complete Baby Monitoring System tracks your nursery room's smoke / secondhand smoke level, window / door status, room temperature, humidity level, and notifies you for smoke / secondhand smoke detected, windows / door open or closed, high room temperature / humidity level, anytime, anywhere.

    • Proven Peace of Mind and Better Sleep for Parents

    Thousands of parents reports real peace of mind and improved sleep after using the Sense-U Complete Baby Monitor System. The Sense-U Complete helps parents to enjoy real peace of mind and the best sleep by knowing their child sleeps well.

    What our Parents are Saying

    Best Baby Purchase !

    - Betty Underwood, U.S

    Great product for piece of mind!

    - Eric Ngan, U.S


    - Mary Beth, U.S

    Peace of Mind is Priceless!

    - Tyler, U.S

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    First Time Mom Approved

    The sensor and monitor really helps put my mind at ease. Before I got it, I was waking up every hour and checking to make sure he's okay. With the sensor and video monitor, I can sleep for a few hours straight and even step out of his room without worrying too much.


    The camera quality is great, I can clearly see my baby during the day and at night. The night vision quality is better than I expected. The motion detection on the baby Clip can sometimes read inaccurately. This may be a user error. I am still working on getting the clip situated now that my baby is able to wear it.

    bon produit

    très bon produit se déconnecté plusieurs fois sais peut-être que jai trop interférence


    This is my first baby and I am so terrified for her to stop breathing in the middle of the night and this gives me such a piece of mind. ❤️ Also love how it lets you know body temp and if they roll over onto their bellys! Alarm is nice and loud and will definitely wake both you and baby up!! No false arms so far and i bought this when several months ago and use it every night. I even take it with me when we travel!

    Great product

    I love the different options this camera offers and the bedside shaker and baby clip on monitor. Gives me peace at mind wherever we are that I can see, hear and check movement on our little guy. Would absolutely purchase again and recommend