Month 3 Baby Tips 🍼👶

Month 3 Baby Tips 🍼👶

Hey there, super parents! Your baby is already 3 months old! Time for more exciting developments. Here's what to expect this month:

😴 Sleep:

Your baby might sleep longer at night, giving you a bit more rest. However, each baby is unique, so don't stress if sleep patterns vary. Keep monitoring their sleep with the Sense-U Baby Monitor for a worry-free night. 🌙

🍼 Feeding:

Feedings should continue at 6-8 times a day. Stay responsive to your baby's hunger cues, and remember, growth spurts can affect appetite. 😊

🌟 New skill:

Your little one is becoming more interactive! Expect more smiles, giggles, and even squeals of delight. It's a joy to watch! 😄

🏋️♂️ Milestones:

Physical development ramps up! Your baby may start lifting their head and chest during tummy time, and their hand-eye coordination will improve. 🎯

⚠️ Risk alert:

Keep an eye out for any concerns, such as poor feeding, lack of responsiveness, or developmental delays. Be aware that your baby might begin to roll over but could struggle to roll back. Keep a close eye on them during tummy time, and let the Sense-U Baby Monitor provide real-time alerts for rollovers and other movements. 🚨 As always, reach out to your pediatrician if needed. 🩺

🤗 Parent support:

You're doing great! Remember to ask for help when needed and take time for self-care. Rely on your Sense-U Baby Monitor to track your baby's well-being while you enjoy a well-deserved break or tackle household tasks. You've earned it! 💪


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